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MEET THE SUPPLIER - Zig Zag Hair & Makeup

Meet Kaylene. Kaylene is the owner of Zig Zag Hair in Yamba and has a true passion for weddings. Kaylene loves being involved in weddings and offers hair and makeup services for all-size weddings and events. You can choose for her and her team to come to you or you can go to her salon in the main street of Yamba. We caught up with Kaylene to ask her a few questions about her career and love for weddings.

Give our readers a little bit of background on how you got into your chosen profession and how long you have been doing it? In the very beginning, I started my career in the beauty industry which led me to be given a great opportunity from a salon owner to enter the hair industry and further my skills. I have worked on set with many reputable photographers, Raq Fashion Design Awards, Mercedes Fashion Week, Brides Choice Awards and have also featured in North Coast Weddings Magazine. With over 20 years of qualified experience, I have developed a strong passion for wedding styling hair and makeup. My style has been described as soft and natural with a touch of bohemian. Down to earth family friendly Yamba approach creating a relaxed but professional vibe.

Photo by Ben Wyeth Photography

What do you love so much about being part of someone's wedding day? I have a special place in my heart when it comes to weddings. I love the feeling of raw emotion, love and excitement. It brings back memories of my own wedding day. What can I say I am a true romantic at heart and I love, Love! I work with a team of legends that are also passionate, friendly hairstylists, makeup artists and beauty professionals that genuinely love being apart of the special day.

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Do you suggest to your brides how they should have their hair/makeup done or do you prefer they tell you what look they are going for? If the bride has a particular look in mind we can certainly create a look they would like. We are always here for guidance, however, every bride is different and this is why we work closely with each bride before their wedding day to create a unique look that compliments their own individual style.

Photo by Ben Wyeth Photography

What does a typical weekend look like if you don’t have a wedding on? A typical weekend is usually at the beach exploring our coastline, hinterland, camping, adventure walks or just chilling with my family making memories. Did you always have dreams of becoming a hairstylist/makeup artist as a little girl? If not what did you see yourself being before you started this profession? My dream as a little girl and also as an adult is to wake up every morning feeling grateful in life and with that passion follows in anything you do. I feel grateful that I have chosen a profession that I can honestly say that I love to do every day.

Photo by Denis Banks Photography

Have you got any disaster stories from previous weddings you have done? Covid-19 had quite an impact on our 2020 brides. Feeling their disappointment and heartbreak. However on a lighter note in 2021 we have everyone almost on track to celebrate their day of love. What is the #1 mistake brides make when it comes to wedding day hair and makeup? Going outside in the wind and rain after their hair and makeup has been done. This is my number one NO NO!

Do you think it’s worth doing a trial before the wedding day? Why? I often recommend a hair trial before your wedding day. I feel it is a great opportunity to get to know the bride’s hair and discuss bridesmaids’ styles, ceremony time or any plans/itinerary for the day.

Photo by Ben Wyeth Photography

What is your most important tip for a bride? Laugh more, worry less, deep breaths, relax and enjoy. I promise... YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS. You can enquire with Zig Zag Hair for your wedding or event via their business page.

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