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Choosing where to stay for your wedding for yourselves and your guests is an important decision. First you need to consider whether it's for just a weekend stay or whether you plan to make a holiday out of it. For weekend stays of 1-2 nights, it is essential that you select something close to your venues for access for your guests and to make your guests weekend as pleasant and relaxed as possible. For longer stays, larger apartments and spaces is a great way to spend your holiday in comfort and relaxation. Don't forget pre wedding get togethers and space to get ready on the big day. Below is some of the many wonderful Yamba accommodation options to choose from. 

Burleigh Yamba Drone.jpg


View our range of hand-picked holiday homes available for guests or even the bridal party.



View what resorts Yamba has to offer for your next wedding, holiday or overnight visit.

Pegasus Motel Yamba Accommodation8.jpg


Overnight or several days, Yamba offers a range of motels to choose from.

Club Yamba Luxury Accommodation2.jpg


View our range of boutique options available for guests or newly weds.

the sands.jpg


View what apartment options you can choose from during your next Yamba stay.

Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort Yamba2.jpg


Yamba offers a range of holidays parks that can cater for the entire family whilst in Yamba.

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