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Yamba weddings is your one stop directory for everything you need to know about having your wedding in Yamba. Our goal is to provide you with detailed information to help you plan your wedding in Yamba. With so many beautiful options for ceremonies and receptions, Yamba is the perfect place to celebrate your marriage with the people you love. We bring you options for everything wedding related from venues to caterers to photographers and everything in between.

When planning our wedding in 2016 we found it difficult to find a variety of vendors that service the Yamba area. After much research and communication between vendors, it appeared that many loved Yamba and enjoy coming to Yamba to provide wedding services. That in mind we decided to create a website that brings it all together for you.

We here at Yamba Weddings like to provide you with a variety of options to create the most memorable wedding for both the bride and the groom. That is why we have sourced many suppliers from all around the North Coast and beyond that happily provide services to Yamba or Angourie Weddings.

So whether you are looking for a venue in Yamba that will organise the whole event for you or you want to put your own personal touch with a "do it yourself" wedding venue, we provide you with everything you need. 

However, it doesn't just stop at weddings information. We also make it easy for yourself and guests to find accommodation and places to eat when they are visiting.


So browse through our many categories and contact our many vendors to start organising your Yamba or Angourie wedding today.

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