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Meet Georgi. She is a young, bubbly and fun loving mum of two and wife who has just burst onto the celebrant scene in the Clarence Valley area.

Although new to the space, Georgi is extremely passionate about being a celebrant. She absolutely loves her young family, dogs and the outdoors and most of all she loves being surrounded by people and taking in each and every moment.

Georgi was kind enough to sit down with us and answer a few questions to allow us to better understand what makes her tick and give us some of insights into her celebrant journey.

Why did you become a celebrant?

Well.. it was actually my Husband who came up with the idea!

I have always been drawn to the excitement of weddings, not just the dancing, food and alcohol, but the huge amount of love and elation that surrounds the whole day.

I absolutely love being around people, having a good laugh and making the most of every moment. I have never really been afraid of crowds or talking in front of groups of people and it gives me great joy making someone’s day special.

So one day, while my husband and I were talking about the future, he suggested I try and become a celebrant. And well, the idea stuck and started to grow and grow until one day I finally took the first step.

Now let me tell you, studying, working, and trying to tame two young kids was a juggle but WOW was it worth it!!

Why do you enjoy what you do?

It is all so exciting! From that initial contact, spending the time getting to know each couple and knowing that I get to be a part of it all is just an amazing feeling and rewarding experience. I feel so lucky to be able to see the happiness, joy and excitement on not only the couple but everyone’s faces. What an incredible honour it is to be a Marriage Celebrant. Not to mention the super cool new places I get to explore.

Do you get nervous when you have to stand in front of all those people? If so, how do you settle your nerves?

It’s definitely a bit confronting having to speak in front a big crowd of people, but once you start talking the nervous energy turns into confidence and then there is no stopping you. Having a good playlist to sing along to on the way is also very handy.

Lucky for me I have had a lot of experience with big groups of people as I was previously a cave tour guide in WA. I remind myself that I am here to tell this amazing couple’s love story and once you see the smiles on their faces you know you got this!

What is the worst thing you have experienced when delivering a ceremony?

Luckily I have only had one semi bad experience. My microphone decided it wanted to have a nap MID ceremony… Thankfully I had a spare and after a little joke and laugh we were good to go.

What are the biggest myths and mistakes that people think about wedding celebrants?

Probably that Celebrants can tend to be a bit boring or lack any real personality. This is honestly not the case. I have met so many Celebrants and each one of them have so much to give and absolutely love being in the wedding industry. Each Celebrant is unique and brings a lot of life to the party!

Have you ever closely averted a disaster, that the client was unaware of on their wedding day?

Not yet, touch wood….

Obviously most of your weekends are made up of performing ceremonies, on the ones you have off what does it typically entail?

My family and I at the beach or on some crazy adventure. We absolutely love the outdoors, if it’s a sunny day you will rarely see us at home. The kids have just taken up surfing and have learnt to ride their bikes so that’s always on the cards. A typical day (after some chores) is driving up the beach with the dogs, boards and kids in the back blaring music and having a great time together.

What is your favourite type of ceremony to deliver?

I am fairly new to the celebrant scene, but I must admit I love the small, intimate and personal ceremonies. They tend to be so much more relaxed and non-traditional where the couple can really focus on what is most important- their love for each other!

Do you have another job outside of being a Celebrant? If so what is it and what does it involve?

Yes, I am also a qualified swim instructor and a legal receptionist. I believe that every child should learn or have the chance to learn to swim. Especially when living by the coast. I love watching the kids grow and really be confident in the water.

Where is your favourite ceremony location in Yamba/Angourie and why?

I may be a bit bias here… I got married at the Angourie Blue pools and it was amazing! However, the whole area is stunning and there are so many different locations to choose from either it be by the sea, the bush or the river. Yamba and Angourie really have it all.

Do you prefer ceremonies where guests are asked not to use their phones or doesn’t it bother you?

Honestly it is the couple’s day so whatever makes them happy, but I do prefer to see everyone present and taking in the moment.

Any last words of advice for brides beginning the planning phase of their wedding?

It can be such a huge and overwhelming feeling trying to figure out how you want your wedding to be or look like. Especially when there is so much information out there.

My advice would be to take it slow (not too slow) ask for recommendations and keep it simple. Book your celebrant, venue, and photographer as soon as you can and try and enjoy the journey. In the end this is about YOU, stay true to yourself and in the end it will result in having the ceremony of your dreams.

We would like to thank Georgi for taking the time out of her busy work and family life to provide us with a deeper understanding about what makes her tick. You can learn more about Georgi and her services by following the link to her listing page below.

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