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This is Denis. Denis is a highly sought after photographer that resides in the Clarence Valley and if he isn't shooting a wedding he is out and about doing fashion and model shoots for labels. Denis is a super upbeat guy who just loves life and loves being a part of any bride or groom's day. Read the interview below to learn more about Denis and his passion for photography.

How long have you been taking photos professionally?

I am coming into my 5th year shooting pro. Let me tell you what, those years have flown by!

What got you into wedding photography?

It’s a heck of a long story but I’ll give you the watered-down version. Started back in high school I started to develop a love for photography (sorry bad photo pun in there) but a career path took me in a direction away from photography and it wasn’t until I had a pretty bad motorcycle accident that I found out how precious life can be and how easily it can be taken away from you and reflecting on my past I have very little photos to look back on, at any stage of my life. So I picked up the camera again, started to teach myself how to work the camera after the accident, a couple of people took the chance and trusted me with their wedding photos and had an absolute blast doing it.

I then thought to myself, ”how good is this?!” To be a part of such an important day of some people’s lives, to capture special moments and meet some truly genuine people, while having so much fun on the day.

“This is what I wanna do!”

What would be your favourite ceremony location to shoot in Yamba/Angourie?

Whether it is the on Pilot Hill overlooking Main Beach Yamba with the iconic lighthouse to your side, the grass section on Main Beach where you can almost touch the surf but still able to keep dry with the historic Surf Club behind you, Green Point where you have the gorgeous Pacific Ocean as your backdrop, all the Forrest feels that Angourie has or the picturesque Blue Pools you are spoilt with the variety it has.

What would be your favourite location for the bridal photos in Yamba/Angourie?

That’s a tough one but I’d have to say Angourie. Just because of the variety of scenes you can get.

There is a lot of pressure on a wedding photographer as you are expected to capture every special moment from the entire day. Do you ever get nervous or worried you might miss a special moment?

Absolutely! I get nervous every time! I get excited because every wedding is different and I don’t want to miss every special moment but I always try to be a few steps ahead so that those moments don’t go missed.

What is the weirdest/craziest thing that has happened whilst shooting a wedding?

Apart from the occasional request for a particular photo, the craziest things I have seen would be on the dance floor when everyone has let the hair down and absolutely tear up the dance floor with their crazy, yet funny dance moves. I love it!!!

What is the weirdest/craziest request you have had from a bride/groom?

A late night bedroom photo session (insert stunned uncomfortable emoji here)

When you're not shooting photos what other things do you get up to?

I love adventures and hiking but unfortunately don’t do enough of it

What is your most listened to song whilst editing photos on your computer? Do you have a public playlist on Spotify that we can all have a listen to?

Oh god no! You will never hear my Spotify playlist. I have a vast variety of music that I listen to depending on my mood

If you could watch one movie or series over and over, what would it be and why?

Super Troopers for sure. My life still revolves around their funny one liners and silly antics. I have not grown up at all lol

When you are shooting a wedding, do you bring your own snacks or do you hope that the bride and groom hook you up with some canapés and dinner throughout the day/night?

I do bring my own snacks just in case but my brides and grooms are awesome and always have something for me. And I drink their beer too. Thanks guys, you are unreal!

What do you love most about your being a wedding photographer?

I love seeing the connection between two people! The look they give each other when the groom sees his bride the first time, the emotion on the parent's faces, the awesome dance moves on the D floor, weddings are just so much fun to be a part of. But the best part of being a wedding photographer is the feedback you get from your bride and groom and the wonderful comments the next day when you send them a sneak peek. It’s the “thank you’s”!

If you're not shooting a wedding, what does your typical weekend look like?

I try and spend as much time with my family or hang out with our mates or plan an adventure somewhere or house chores.

Do you have another side hustle apart from professional photography?

I do IT work and I also do portrait and styled shoots. Photos for people that are pursuing modelling or empowering self-confidence. I also love collaborating with local artist with styled shoots, it brings out a little bit more creativity and shows what talent our little community has.

What advice would you give brides when choosing a wedding photographer?

Find a photographer that you like their style, do some research and make sure that they are the one for you. These are going to be some of your most important memories of your life and you want to make sure that you have the right person to capture your day. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and have a connection with the photographer, someone that makes you feel at ease so that you don’t have to stress during your photos and enjoy your having your besties there with you.

What can brides expect when they choose you as their photographer?

A relaxed fun atmosphere with ninja like skills. I am there for you, I am happy to assist, bounce ideas with you, I am with you through the whole process not just on your wedding day. I might take you on an adventure for your photos and you may need to climb over a fence, scramble up rocks or cross a creek but it will be worth it!

Any words of wisdom or advice for brides on their wedding day?

Enjoy your day! Have fun. It is such a happy and exciting day and everyone is ready to party with you! It’s your special day, you do it your way. Don’t be afraid of doing it differently.

If you would like to view more of Denis's work or get in direct contact with him, please follow the link to his listing page here.

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