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MEET THE SUPPLIER - Anna Barber Photographics

Meet Anna. Anna is one of the latest photographers to join our online wedding directory. Anna has been super busy lately photographing weddings all around the northern rivers. Amongst her busy schedule, Anna was kind enough to answer a few questions about herself and her love for wedding photography. This interview also gave us a chance to learn a bit more about Anna on a more personal level. Enjoy.

How long have you been taking photos professionally? I have been running my photography business for 10 years in November. Although I've been capturing life moments since I was a young teen.

What got you into wedding photography?

I have always loved weddings! The dresses, the flowers, the romance, everything about weddings has captivated me since I was seven and watched Princess Diana's wedding on my black and white 7-inch tv!

What would be your favourite ceremony location to shoot in Yamba/Angourie?

I recently Photographed a wedding ceremony at blue pools Angourie, and it was magnificent! Plus there are some gorgeous spots at Blue pools right at your feet for portraits after the ceremony

What would be your favourite location for the bridal party photos in Yamba/Angourie?

Back Beach Angourie is by far my favourite location! It has amazing lighting, contrasting backgrounds and is mostly sheltered from the onshore winds that sometimes batter our beaches during wedding seasons.

There is a lot of pressure on a wedding photographer as you are expected to capture every special moment from the entire day. Do you ever get nervous or worried you might miss a special moment?

Every wedding is different, with different locations, different challenges, different weather. Plus This is the One most important day in a couple's life! So yes, I do get a little nervous, but also excited! Super excited to see the couple's magnificent plans finally come together and capture all the love, joy and excitement of their day!

What is the weirdest/craziest thing that has happened whilst shooting a wedding?

There's been plenty of crazy or weird and hilarious moments in the many years I've photographed weddings but the craziest and maybe the scariest was photographing a wedding in the midst of the Woodburn Bush Fires in 2019! The property was just a few km's from the main fire front and we were on high alert all day. Luckily the winds slowed and the front didn't push forward as fast as they had predicted, and the lucky couple still got the wedding of their dreams without being evacuated.

What is the weirdest/craziest request you have had from a bride/groom?

I was once asked to photoshop dinosaurs into their wedding photos like Jurassic Park!

When you're not shooting photos what other things do you get up to?

I love keeping active! So when I do have time off I love taking my kids to the beach, skate park or for walks with our dogs!

What is your most listened to song whilst editing photos on your computer? Do you have a public playlist on Spotify that we can all have a listen to?

At the moment it's I'm listening to alot of country, Luke Combs- beautiful crazy is probably most played. I use Youtube music so not Spotify so no playlist sorry...

If you could watch one movie or series over and over, what would it be and why? I am currently re-watching Greys Anatomy for the 5th time while I wait for the complete 17th season to be available online

When you are shooting a wedding, do you bring your own snacks or do you hope that the bride and groom hook you up with some canapés and dinner throughout the day/night?

I bring lots of snacks for a full day wedding and usually the bride & groom provide me a lovely dinner. I always ask ahead of the day so I know if I need to bring my own or not.

What do you love most about your being a wedding photographer?

I love the love stories!!! I love hearing about how you met, how he (or she) proposed and capturing the love you both share. And also how many of my brides and grooms I now call my friends!

If you're not shooting a wedding, what does your typical weekend look like?

Spending time with my Family during the day & frolicking in the last light of sunset capturing Family & Maternity portraits full of fun and love!

Do you have another side hustle apart from professional photography?

Since covid has made my photography business a little unpredictable, I have chosen to take on a day job at a local cafe a couple of days a week. I love food and once wanted to become a chef and food stylist/photographer.

What advice would you give brides when choosing a wedding photographer?

There are so many photographers out there and each one has their own style, personality and "brand". Look at as many portfolios as you can and choose a photographer not just based on how much they charge, but also on their work. And if you can sit down with them and have a chat, It's a great opportunity to see if you all click. Their fantastic portfolio doesn't just come from their talent and expertise but also from the connection and spark you share with them, Find the photographer who you click with.

What can brides expect when they choose you as their photographer?

I love the celebration and party, the silly, dorky moments and having a good laugh. If you want to crack jokes and dalk dirty... even better! Let's have a funtabulous time creating absolutely cracking photos of your day for you to look back on! And yes I will ask you to dance! Even if you can't dance it'll still look amazing! The moments of you laughing so hard because you're trying to not step on each other's toes will be so freaking great!!!!!

Any words of wisdom or advice for brides on their wedding day?

Take 5 mins and STOP. Just stand, and take it all in! The entire day will go by so fast that before you even blink it will be over. So really try to embrace it and breathe it in for at least a few minutes!

We would like to thank Anna for spending the time to answer our questions. If you would like to view more of Anna's work, learn more about her services or contact her directly about your wedding follow this link to her listing page.

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