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We recently had a little chat with Acoustic Artist, Luke Yeaman, to learn a little more about this highly sought after wedding performer. Have a read below and learn more about this talented musician.

At what age did you start playing the guitar and singing?

I started playing music in my early teens. From the moment I picked up the guitar and strummed my first chord, I’ve never looked back.

What first got you into & who inspired you to make music?

There is no one singular moment. It is more of a tapestry of memories, experiences and influences that is constantly evolving. I think I am a naturally reflective and sentimental person with a love of the written word and creative expression, so I guess it was always going to happen.

What do you like about performing at weddings? 

I love the joy that surrounds the day - the fact that weddings are all about the celebration of family, friends and a couple's love. They are such momentous occasions and it truly is an honour to be able to contribute my music to the formation of such treasured memories.  How would you describe the music that you typically create for weddings? 

My style is anchored in an acoustic folk sound. However, I will happily play whatever the bride and groom request, I always do my best to cater to their tastes. I like to think of my music as complementing their special occasion, not stealing the show. What is one message you would give to your potential clients looking for a wedding performer? 

Chat with them beforehand and ensure their style and personality suits yours. A quick phone call never goes astray. What would you be doing right now, if you weren't performing music? 

I’d be relaxing on the beach in Lennox Head with my lady, book in hand and sun on skin. Where have you performed outside of weddings? What are your favourite venues? 

I play at a myriad of other venues, from as far south as Yamba up to Brisbane. Some of my favourite venues would have to be the iconic Yamba Pacific Hotel, The  Kingscliff Beach Hotel and the Beach Hotel Byron Bay.

Do you think COVID-19 and not being able to have a dance floor is making more people lean towards having a solo acoustic artist instead of a DJ perform at their wedding? 

Yes and no, I think COVID or no COVID, people still enjoy having a solo or duo performer throughout their ceremony, canapés and reception, to ease in the celebrations. The dancing shenanigans, be it chair or floor, will always have their place as well.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Luke.

To listen to more of Luke's music and enquire about getting him for your next wedding or event head over to his listing page by clicking here Luke Yeaman Music.

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