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This is Clare and Zac, the owners and masterminds behind Karrikin. This duo and their team offer offsite catering or you can choose to hire their restaurant in the heart of Yamba if you are having a small and intimate wedding. This power couple has a true passion for food and creating flavours that are creative and innovative through the use of locally sourced produce. We had a chance to ask them a few questions about their passion for food and why catering is something they love to do.

How did you guys become so passionate about food?

We love the happiness that comes with sharing a good meal with family and friends.

There seem to be so many dietary requirements floating around these days, does this often make it difficult when you cater for weddings?

Not necessarily, this is now just a normal part of hospitality. When creating menus, dietary requirements are always thought of and how we can make those changes.

What do you like about catering for weddings?

It's just nice to be a part of someone's special day and making them happy through your food.

What’s the most challenging part when catering for a wedding?

Sometimes the offsite locations can be tricky, this is either due to insufficient equipment or enough room for plating up when it is a large wedding. But this is where menus need to be adjusted to suit the space we are working at.

What is your most requested style of catering (cocktail, plate drop, share plates etc)?

Share style feasts have been very popular of late. We find it to be a good way of eating also. Sharing all the food around the table is a very social way to eat and it creates a much more interactive vibe and atmosphere between all the guests.

What is your most popular dish/canape that you get your brides and grooms raving about?

Our roasted lamb with Davidson plum sauce is always a winner. So is our fried pork toast with roast tomato jam.

The flavour combinations you create are very unique and work perfectly. How do you guys come up with these flavours?

We run a restaurant that is offering a 4 course menu that changes frequently, so we are always trying new flavour combinations, but mostly it's from what's in season.

Do you source all of your food locally when you cater?

We shop at the local farmers' market each week, so we try to use as much as we can from there. But sometimes due to the nature of having to plan a wedding menu so far in advance, some of the ingredients aren't available at the market.

Have you had any nightmare experiences while catering a wedding or event?

Fingers crossed for no nightmare experience as yet. Each wedding has its own difficulties, but our job is to overcome those. Once you have completed catering for a wedding or event it can be a very rewarding experience.

What advice would you give couples when they are deciding on a caterer?

Just to find someone that suits what you are after, don't just accept someone because it seems easier or cheap. There are plenty of options out there, may as well be very happy with your choice. Because it's only the one day and you want it to be delicious.

If you would like to learn more about their restaurant as a venue for your wedding or event click here. Alternatively if you are interested in getting in contact with Karrikin for offsite catering you can contact them through their catering page by clicking here.


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