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REAL WEDDING - Matt & Olga's Yamba Elopement

I was super fortunate to photograph Matt & Olga’s Yamba wedding last week.  These guys live down near Newcastle and Yamba has been one of their favourite places to holiday together.  With all of the changing rules and restrictions with COVID, they made the decision to elope to Yamba with just the two of them and Matt’s parents.

It was a beautiful winter’s day at Green Point, Angourie.  This has to be one of the most stunning ceremony locations in Yamba, with 180 degree views out to sea.  Matt is a super nice guy and was a little nervous waiting for Olga.  He’s a traditionalist too.  Even though there was just 4 of them for the day, he observed all of the normal wedding traditions.  They didn’t see each other prior to the ceremony and I sensed that Matt was a little nervous whilst he was waiting for Olga.  Some F-111’s (I think) flew over right before the ceremony!

As is becoming the norm, the elopement was live streamed for family and friends back home.

After the ceremony, we walked down to Green Point Beach for some photos.  One of my favourite parts of the wedding - the couple is generally pretty relaxed with the hard part of the day behind them.  This is the time to chill out, enjoy the sunset and just be together for the first time as a married couple.

Now, let’s talk about audio.

I deliver to all my couples a beautiful slideshow set to music.  It’s a fantastic way to relive the day.  Being able to cast the slideshow to a TV and sit back with a drink - it’s a wonderful way to relive the day.

But there has been something missing that’s been bothering me for a while.  Audio.  Seeing the images matched to music is wonderful, but hearing yourself or your partner speaking over the top of the images takes the slideshow to another level.  Matt & Olga’s elopement was my first attempt at producing this.  Click on the video below to see the results.  I recommend tapping the gear icon and changing the quality to 1080p.

PS, there’s a little swearing in this one!

Content and photographs provided by Chris Guy Photography

Hair & Makeup - Zig Zag Hair

Stayed at - Angourie Resort

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